Payment of water bills


mail or bring to:
Lynnfield Center Water District
83 Phillips Road
Lynnfield, MA 01940

+1.781.334.3901     Administration@LCWD.US

Office hours
Monday through Thursday 8 AM to noon and 12:30 PM to 4 PM
Friday 8 AM to 1 PM

Customers may pay their water bill in person at the district office, by mail to the district office, or electronically on-line using their bank’s bill payment service. Please do not mail or bring your bill to Lynnfield Town Hall with tax bill; the District is a separate municipal entity.

In each case, it is very important that the payment shows the ”Acct” number (service number) printed above the billing name / address, the ”Billing Date” printed to the right of Acct, and the service address if it is different from the billing address. This information is printed as part of the water bill and providing it will insure that we apply the payment to the correct account. Please also include contact phone number or email address in case we need to talk to the customer about the payment.

Cash – We prefer not to handle cash, but if it is absolutely necessary, we will accept payment, in person, in the exact amount due. We do not keep cash in the office and therefore are not able to make change. Bring the entire water bill so the top portion may be marked as paid for a receipt. Please do not mail cash.

Personal check or money order – Please make check or money order payable to Lynnfield Center Water District or LCWD and write account number and billing date on the check. If customer’s phone number and service address are not printed on the check please add them. Mail or bring in person, payment and the payment stub portion of bill to the district office.

On-Line Bill Pay – Many customers use a free and convenient “Bill Pay” service offered by their bank to pay their regular bills. Consult with your Bank’s Customer Service or web site for more information, if fees apply, and specific use instructions. Login to bank account using banks web site or on-line banking application. Add Lynnfield Center Water District and the complete mail address as a payee or vendor. Make sure to add the “Acct” number exactly as it appears on the bill above name and address. Use the payment’s “Memo” area to provide Billing Date, service address, and contact information to be printed on the payment. The Bill Pay service will create a payment (check), mail it to the district office, and deduct the payment amount from the bank account. Customer will not get or see a “cancelled” check but the payment will be listed on bank statement as a preauthorized payment to Lynnfield Center Water District. The district will process the payment as a check from the customer so it is important that the Bill Pay payment have all of the required information to clearly identify the district customer in order to credit the proper account. The payment will likely reference the customer name and address as they appear on the customer’s bank account.